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Safe, reliable and economical renewable propane is part of the solution for an energy-efficient future

We want to use less energy and embrace sustainable practices to reduce — and ultimately eliminate —our carbon footprint. Renewable propane is a crucial part of that solution.

Renewable propane:

  • comes from renewable sources
  • is methane-free
  • has a carbon intensity as low as zero

By 2030, we believe that renewable propane — along with conventional propane and other innovative blends — will be America's most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution. It’s a vital part of an energy policy benefiting climate, health and equity.

Understanding Renewable Propane: A Critical Component of America’s Energy Future

Tom Jaenicke

Executive Director, Renewable Propane Alliance

Ben Gutkin

Chair, Renewable Propane Alliance

Nancy Coop

Trustee, Renewable Propane Alliance

Renewable propane represents the future of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

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